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  • On Trading of Equities: A Robust Control Paradigm

    ...scribe a new paradigm for the trading of equities. In our form... amount invested I(t) in stock over time. The controller also...value at risk. The admissible stock price evolution p(t) over ...volatility of prices and trading liquidity. Our point of vie...

    3164 days ago

  • New York Stock Exchange sold to derivatives company in $8bn takeover

    ...historic shift to electronic trading. The New York Stock Exchange called time on two cen...nta-based energy trader. The stock exchange's holding company, NYS...and the relentless decline in trading commissions they pocket fro...siness lies in energy futures trading, a sector where NYSE Eurone...

    3226 days ago

  • Trading view

    Trading view is a very interesting site for sharing of trading ideas. The online charts are...nd twitter Get discovered by trading firms and other traders to at...s and authority Publish your stock charts with a single click, s...mall sum market data from the stock market.

    3388 days ago

  • Market Sentiment Index

    ...see what he did. I remember when for the first time I got started trading I had a strange idea. I used...pare the key words. For example I compared the results between: buy stock and sell stock. What a surprise when I star...

    3687 days ago