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    ...p; QuantShare is an advanced trading software that offers a unique...work prediction tool... This trading software supports US and inte...al markets and can be used by stock, forex, options, futures... tra...ers. We have built a flexible trading software whose possibilities...

    2947 days ago

  • Forex remote viewing part 2

    ...ou apply remote viewing for Forex trading? Theoretically Remote viewing...d to suck a lucrative activity as trading. Historically the first methodologies were developped for the Stock market. And guess what if you...wing techniques may be useful for trading. And if you had the idea th...

    3245 days ago

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  • Why popular methods of technical analysis fail to work?

    ...in in the closed group Authomated Trading Strategies. The group is clo...wo sides of the same algo started trading with each other and because t...e the real volune and that on the stock market is manipulated by the HF...ample if the 6E (Euro futures) is trading at 1.3010 some sweeps the b...

    3596 days ago

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  • 16 years trading Igor's biography Part 3

    ...that money management is not trading more then 2% risk per trade.I...rtunity to earn money through trading by teaching developing and he...ey get a lot more then on the stock exchanges. And the investment they make with me is not stocks correlated. I still live in...

    3588 days ago

  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 2

    ...pc. Was reading every book on trading. I was even able to write a b...side on the daxxetra ( german stock index) by continuously averagin...My broker called me after the trading session and said to me: Sorry...is would only lead to revenge trading and that this would be the id...

    3588 days ago

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