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  • 16 years trading Igor's biography Part 3

    ...that money management is not trading more then 2% risk per trade.I...rtunity to earn money through trading by teaching developing and he...ey get a lot more then on the stock exchanges. And the investment they make with me is not stocks correlated. I still live in...

    3558 days ago

  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 2

    ...pc. Was reading every book on trading. I was even able to write a b...side on the daxxetra ( german stock index) by continuously averagin...My broker called me after the trading session and said to me: Sorry...is would only lead to revenge trading and that this would be the id...

    3558 days ago

  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 1

    ...sure if you are successful in trading ?...Let me put it like this:...s were the names of different stock and bourses and the numbers were the quotes of stocks and indices and indexes and cu...newspaper that the bourses or stock markets went up or down (the da...

    3558 days ago

  • Human brain and parallel signal patterns

    ...he the human brain recognizing sequential signal patterns  such as stock prices. Of course the beginnin...tools that would be able to add an edge in Neural Net applications for trading purpouses. The first approa...

    3582 days ago