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  • Genetic algorithm for mt4 by klot:LIN_Neuro_GA.mq4

    I have found this EA in the net. It is genetally optimized neural net written by klot (the coder of SSA). However here there is a custom genetic algorithm that is used in the code and the EA does not use the MT4 native genetic algorithm. The only problem here is that the system does not trade. ...

    Tags: genetic programming, software, trading strategy, modelling

    2219 days ago

  • Eureka: genetic programming software

    Eureqa (pronounced "eureka") is a software tool for detecting equations and hidden mathematical relationships in your data. Its goal is to identify the simplest mathematical formulas which could describe the underlying mechanisms that produced the data. Eureqa is free to download and use. T...

    Tags: genetic programming, software, trading strategy, modelling

    2240 days ago

  • Optimization of trading strategy: is there something wrong

    What is a central question of all trading strategies is the optimization. However is there something wrong with the optimization or at least with our perception of optimization of trading strategies. I think there is something elusive here.   I think that the main problem is t...

    Tags: ea, optimization, trading strategy, data mining

    2258 days ago