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  • Genetic Programming of Fuzzy Logic Production Rules with Application to Financial Trading.

    ABSTRACT    John Koza has demonstrated that a form of machine learning can be constructed  by using the techniques of Genetic Programming using LISP statements. We  describe here an extension to this principle using Fuzzy Logic sets and  operations instead of LISP expre...

    Tags: fuzzy logic, trading system, genetic programming

    4046 days ago

  • A Fuzzy Logic Based Trading System

    ABSTRACT: Technical analysis is sometimes used in ļ¬nancial markets to assist traders make buying and selling decisions.   The success of technical analysis depends on how one interprets the available signals. Integration of human expertise into available models is considered to be ess...

    Tags: Fuzzy logic, technical analysis, trading system, genetic algorithm, portfolio allocation.

    4046 days ago

  • Another oddbal system by Mark Brown

    Synopsis This is a system created by Mark Brown. This trading system is based on 38-bar, three-standard deviation Bollinger Bands of a 10-bar Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) of high and low prices. There is an adaptive component in the system: the Adaptive Moving Average, which was...

    Tags: trading system

    4189 days ago

  • Brain Trend Trading system

    Brain Trend Trading system

    Here I will share my developments of the famous digital brain trend system. This is one of the best trend following system I know. The idea is to use digital filters in order to filter out bad trades and reduce in such way the number of bad trades that are a common characteristic of every trend f...

    Tags: trading system

    4203 days ago