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  • ZORO-TRADER Great stuff

    ...generates income by automated trading with stocks, commodities, and...funds, investment banks, and trading firms circulate an immense mo...rkets. For this it contains a trading strategy course and a serious...elop your own financial trade systems. Share them with many others,...

    3335 days ago

  • Delicate Levels

    ...m/showthread.php?t=478671 The world of forex-trading is governed by information. T...organs everyday. I have seen many people post systems here and some will attck you...e market looks, not matter how difficult your trading is, there is an underlying tr...

    3588 days ago


    ...work prediction tool... This trading software supports US and inte...ers. We have built a flexible trading software whose possibilities...analyze - rules- ranking systems- PBIL/Genetic Optimzer- compo...logspot.fr/2012/10/quantshare-trading-software-on-amazons.html

    3855 days ago

  • New Smooth CCI mod

    ...e smoothing I could explore much more possibilities and not only the smoothed CCI possibility, that can be used for derivative indicators and trading systems like here on this example the...

    4091 days ago

  • Recent performance of Brain Trend on EUR/USD

    ...o just one trade.  Also it is important to have a look at the consecutive losses. This is also a critical parameter for trend following trading systems.   In the case they are...

    4152 days ago

  • Very interesting concept of maximizing profitability

    ...des.  A mechanical forex trading process allows for this. ...but are not necessary for the systems intended purpose. These are u...hen designing or evaluating a trading system that is built to make...cycle running simultaneously, trading the same or different instrum...

    4225 days ago

  • Knight Capital Group Oooooooooooooooooooooooooppppsss

    ...irms vital to smooth, orderly trading. Market makers match orders f...dence issue." Knight's $440m trading loss has reignited debate ove...r said. Advocates of trading systems that can pump thousands of sh...say the fault lies not in the systems but in the lack of controls a...

    4277 days ago

  • Reverse optimization and Walk Forward Testing

    ...ture. It refers to applying a trading system to historical data to...ssipative or non-conservative systems (the damped harmonic oscillat...use Forward testing or paper trading then use actually optimize on...sors Based on Popular Trading Systems and Alchemy of Trading Robot...

    4299 days ago

  • Method Monte Carlo based EA

    ...ly used to approximate a solution to the transport equation in nuclear systems. System Description Met...mum number of open positions in each instrument. For example, if we're trading the USDCAD and GBPUSD and a m...

    4431 days ago

  • Market States and Neural Net trading signals

    ...select a relevant market state. Here it was ranging and volatile and trading and volatile. As those market...ponent As they say when you have nothing to write about you compare trading systems. But here what I mean is that...

    4455 days ago

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