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  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    In our trading methods and experiments here on For...d then putting it into more complex trading strategies. This was the firs...Trend become one of the most rated systems (the second and the third pla...algorythm or other ai learning way trading rules. However ithas been ar...

    4442 days ago

  • 16 years trading Igor's biography Part 3

    ...that money management is not trading more then 2% risk per trade.I...rtunity to earn money through trading by teaching developing and he...evelop further and further my systems and placed them in expert adv...nning and throughout my whole trading career was that there is the...

    4533 days ago

  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 2

    ...ed here is the big but. I was trading in such a way that sooner or...My broker called me after the trading session and said to me: Sorry...is would only lead to revenge trading and that this would be the id...uccess-stories/31586-16-years-trading-my-biography.html

    4533 days ago

  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 1

    ...direction. So I realized that trading in a very accurate way was on...able to make a living out of trading. On that moment I was still a...arn to build my so called own systems…etc etc… I was...uccess-stories/31586-16-years-trading-my-biography.html...

    4533 days ago

  • Chart patterns or Chaos attractors?

    ...scientists do not understand the trading. As for me I do not understan...e attractors of chaotic dynamical systems has been one of the achieveme...attractors are not necessary for trading, it is better to use lower or...n the phase space. For mechanical systems, the phase space usually cons...

    4543 days ago

  • The Welcome Page

    ...much that the people who actually wrote that have anything to do with trading and risking their shirt at th...not. I know traders with 8 years and they still work everyday on their systems. You may wonder why, but the...

    4545 days ago

  • Anchor and Trigger: macro and micro timeframe.

    ...ee that there are combinations and some of the combinations make the trading easier and some of the combin...ave model seriously for takinf into account samples for training the trading systems it is a big issue for me. A t...

    4620 days ago