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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...el. The price channel can be horizontal (range channel) or directional (trend channel). In fact it does not...fractal dimension gets lower.This is usually observed in an established trend when we have a breakout in th...

    2794 days ago

  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...t is that many different algorithms are able to find the same solution simultaneously and act accordingly. Is it an accident that the Brain trend, the ASCTrend stops with digital smoothing,...

    2249 days ago

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  • Intro to Linear Regression

    ...f the Linear Regression Analysis.  - Trend classification: The trend line is going up - up trend;...hs or the previous lows. - Finding when a trend reaches its end. Counter tren...asic statistical tools. And when you form trend lines you are doing that manu...

    2589 days ago


  • stochastic volatility

    stochastic volatility

    ...ist a lot of "continue jumps" that move prices without gap upper or lower for a short time before poursuing the precedent trend as if it was necessary to "move back in the trend" to avoid reaching certain le...

    1817 days ago

  • CCI Break out

    CCI Break out

    ...then use price action to grab a quick correction against the prevailing trend, Often, it proves to be a real top or bottom and the market takes off in a new trend. This is not aTrend following...

    2368 days ago

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  • Intro to Linear Regression

    A really brief introduction to the "best fit" line through X:Y data. Watch this video. As a matter of fact all the basic technical analysis are a variation on the theme of the Linear Regression Analysis.  - Trend classification: The trend line is going up - up trend; or the Trend line is g...

    Tags: linear regression, trend, technical analysis, andrew's pitchfork

    2589 days ago