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  • Sam Seiden trading articles

    ...den I recommend a tool that enhace the study of support and resistence and it is the study of open orders. When you have time I recommend this video about Support and Resistence....

    4059 days ago

  • Katy Lien Eur/Usd analysis video

    Here I will post a Kathy Lien video about the current situation on 19.12.2012. She has a long position targeting the break-out (I was talking too about a break-out).  From a...

    4091 days ago

  • Video: Saxo Bank taking mobile trading to the extreme

    Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, has successfully executed, what is believed to be the first FX trade ever during a base jump at terminal velocity. The spectacular trade was placed and confirmed during a free fall using the new SaxoTrader for iPhone® & Android app.

    4394 days ago

  • Video lecture by Albert Allen Bartlett

    Professor Bartlett often explains how sustainable growth is a contradiction. His view is based on the fact that a modest percentage growth can equate to huge es...

    4473 days ago

  • FX Correlator

    I have some ideas how we can improve the Fx correlator.  I means it is possible to smooth the data. This is a nice video. In 16 minutes you would get some basic understanding.   

    4504 days ago

  • Algo Futures and the WOW index by Carl Weiss

    ...I got to bed a 2:30 in the morning last night. You can have a plugin in your site check how it looks like at the bottom of my blog. A short video on you tube: http://www....

    4510 days ago