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Jobs : Trader wanted

A financial company located in London is looking for an experienced trader able to be work on the financial markets (FOREX/DEVISES/COMMODITIES/CFD/FUTURES) .

Location : Paris or London
This trader should show tracks records and solid statements, about his own abilities for regular profits.

Profil :
3rd cycle in finances or high school
A junior profile could be accepted if he can prove a strong experience on Forex/Devises or commodities

Contact: me at my email:


  • albert 3131 days ago

    And whithout the diploma ?

    I just wondered if someone with very strong statement (5 years) could be employed in this particular domain whithout diploma ??


  • jaguar1637 3131 days ago

    Hi Albert

    If someone without diploma, is well experienced in Forex markets or commodities, he can be hired due to his solid experience


  • albert 3131 days ago

    Thanks ! It's always good to know :)

  • jaguar1637 3131 days ago

    A financial institution located in London, is looking for a trader in Paris or in London, able to work alone on those areas
    - COMMODITY-FOREX-CFD-FUTURES and able to bring constant profits on a regular basis without great exposure

    Important notice:
    If you as a trader without diploma, are able to show track records or valid statements on one of those area "FOREX-Devises or Commodity", you will be welcome

    For questions: - feel free to send me email or PM