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Elliotware with ELWAVE




Here I would like to show another approach trying to make a long term analysis with the Elliotware approach. Here I use the ELAWAVE software in order to make a machine driven Elliott wave counting. 

In parrallel I use a neural net BPNN with Caterpillar SSA trained on the same data (lag 20 bars and 2 computations). Surprisingly both softwares are giving the same forecast.  

Well it is something like long term forecast. Anyway with the uncertainties about Greece I really do not know hom much it may hold. I mean the fundamental situation is quite difficult. And it will clarifiy in the following months. Anyway this is not the topic of this post.


  • jaguar1637 3557 days ago

    Hi .all regression tolls are in difficulties, bcoz nobody expected the PapaAndreou 's referendum proposal. I am wandering if it was a market manipulaiton from funds investments, due to the fact, the EUR/USD was shorted at 80%

    I got a different result w/ a Burg extrapolation of my own.



  • JohnLast 3557 days ago

    Exactly, with the current situation on what are you going to make an extrapolation.

    On the secret agentda of the Greek Prime Minister?

    Definitely those tools cannot be expected to do that. Extrapolation works only in normal market conditions. And we look at the relevant information contained into the market data and we extrapolate what may happen if those conditions remain stable and the same.

    That is the key of the extrapolation techniques. That is why I stopped posting extrapolation pictures for the moment.


  • JohnLast 3557 days ago

    I made some similar comments 2 days ago. We really need to be aware of the limitations of the methods we use.


  • JohnLast 3556 days ago

    Here I would like to show another count. 

  • JohnLast 3467 days ago

    Here I add another projection of the Elliott wave by ElWave. We use this time a big time frame with large horizon.


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  • JohnLast 3090 days ago

    Unfortunately all this stuff had no connection with reality.