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LIN Neuro EA translated..

LIN Neuro EA translated..
By blackdog 3024 days ago Comments (6)

Here You go, a translated versin of EA. Hope it helps ;)


  • jaguar1637 3024 days ago

    Thank you very much. 

    Of course, you know how to speak russian, not me

  • JohnLast 3023 days ago

    Thank you very much. It is awesome.

  • tovim 3023 days ago

    I have the LIN Neuro indicator(coded by Klot and coded in Russian))somewhere in my files.The buy sell arrows pretty accurate.The problem is everytime I reo-ptimize the indicator past arrows are changing.It looks like curve fitting ,also the  indicator is very CPU intensive.My PC has intel I7 2600 with 8GB RAM.I will attach it when I find it can you translate the indicator in English as well?

  • JohnLast 3023 days ago

    If the indicator is based on neural net, every time you optimise the neural net you will update the weights. When you update the weight you will update the output (despite the fact that the input is the same).

    (You rembember the neurone model you multiply the input with the weight)

    Then the arrows are going to be updated, on the contrary if they do not update that would mean that there is something wrong with the neural net training.


  • blackdog 3022 days ago

    Hi,Tovim! yes of course.Will do best I can.

  • moneygrows 2997 days ago

    sorry for the noob question but how do we use this? Just attach to whatever pair we choose?