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  • Brain Trend logic

    Last updated 3519 days ago by JohnLast
    The logic of the brain trend is based on 3 key aspects: A signal is generated whe we have a momentum + volatility break - out of a digitally filtered price over a momentum treshold. The first aspect is the momentum The Brain Trend needs a...
  • About the Brain Trend Club

    Last updated 3520 days ago by JohnLast
    This group is about discussing the digital mods of the famous Brain Trend system. Here is the story of the digital filter mods. A mystical guy appears on the cyrillic Russian alpari forum that uploades the first digital mod. I tried to contact him...
  • The Stanford Discovery about remote viewing

    Last updated 3521 days ago by JohnLast Comments (3)
    The Stanford institute were trying to understand what makes the psychics succesful in their predictions and what makes them damn wrong. They tried everything for spi purpouses even out of body experiences.  As I am from the french school of...
  • How to upload files?

    Last updated 3522 days ago by admin
    First you need to log in. Second you can just go to Files and upload the file. uThere are all the files uploaded you can see them, and you can choose to see your files and your friend files. You can upload files relative to a Group. You need to...
  • How to add pictures from Google Picassa?

    Last updated 3525 days ago by JohnLast Comments (2)
    1.Go to your Google profile and go to pictures.  2. Upload your picture. 3. Go to sharing 4. Choose embed picture. Usually I use medium size 640-640 pixels. Copy the code 5. Go to your post  and press html button 6. Just paste the...
  • In a nutshell part 4: short term volatility and open orders

    Last updated 3528 days ago by JohnLast
    This is a kind of joke but very often the market makes some kind of strange things going somewhere and there it reverses and going in the exact opposite position. The market very often traps both the bulls and the bears. So I compared the market...
  • In a nutshell part 3: Oanda orders and support resistance identification

    Last updated 3528 days ago by JohnLast
    The system can be used in range bound markets. Some think that range bound markets are easy and you just need your favorite oscilator to take the signal.  However on of the practical problems is the hypothetical support resistance...
  • In a nutshell part 2: The trend map

    Last updated 3528 days ago by JohnLast
    It is not possible to see the orders with an indicator. That is because it is not in the price yet. The orders are in the order book of the market maker they are not a part of the price yet but they become a part of the market (a subtile...
  • In a nutshell

    Last updated 3529 days ago by JohnLast
    Why we should bother with order's book? I think that there are two reasons.  1. The first reason is that Oanda is a big player and through its open orders book we have a statististical meaningfull order book for the all the retail market. 2....
  • Day trading model with Rapid Miner

    Last updated 3530 days ago by JohnLast
    Basically, if have seen and understood the Rapid miner tutorial  you can build a day trading system with Rapid Miner. How you can do it?  OK first watch the Tutorials that you can find...