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Motion induced blindless trading and paralysis form analysis

I watched today on the discovery channel a very interesting film about the motion induced blindless (MOD).

The idea is that we as human we are limited in our perception abilities, when we are presented with several stimuli. It is proven that when you drive and talk on the phone your cognition miss several things. 

However you can see for your self the effect. You can make a very simple experiment.

And you will see for your self how the yellow dots disapear when you are looking at the dots. 

So don't talk too much while driving and that may save your life.

Well how that relates to the trading world. Well imagine you are scalping and yiou are watching more than 4 technical indicators. Can you make it?,

Maybe you will enter into motion induced blindless, and you will miss something :).

Some epxerienced traders call it paralysis form analysis, but this has a larger approach.

What I think about the indicatros of any kind is that they are just preprocessing the time series.