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  • link file for download ind http://beathespread.com/file/view/284/ht-dema-with-possibility-to-change-the-nyquist-parameter

    1356 days ago

  • thank you Albert for your kind message. I will stop Beathespread today, bcoz, some strategies shown inside work or can improve the profits.

    2126 days ago

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  • Japan forex  robots

    Japan forex robots

    From all Japan forex links ..... http://ameblo.jp/sierrasnowfall-fx/entry-11551643149.html i.e http://ameblo.jp/sierrasnowfall-fx/entry-11776223893.html  Please, hajimekumazawa  upload some files in this group. Regards

    2587 days ago

  • How to trade binary options manually and with a robot ?

    How to trade binary options manually and with a robot ?

    ...glance dangerous) So, I am in touch w/ the conceptor. You will see all the results day after day and you will able to get this program through Beathespread I want here to give tricks a...

    2702 days ago

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  • Beathespread EA for the Automated Trading Championship 2012

    Hi All! We have the concept of a new way of trading here. So, we must show we are able to be honest and valid competitor. We have reliable strategy We have very good customed indicators iVAR, Hurst Channel, PFE and Perceptrons The only issue, it must be written in MQ5L, but we have code sourc...

    Tags: our beathespread ea

    3248 days ago