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  • Support Vector Machine Prediction model of CCI in Rapid Miner

    Here I would like to add an image of an Support Vector Machine Prediction model of CCI in Rapid Miner. This is a basic model without testing what ever. I exported the CCI data with th...

    3550 days ago

  • Instruments for Elliottware Trading

    In theory we can use anything. However I am thinking to use Rapid Miner in those analysis. However this may be...ractical way, because of the data isolation and preparation with the Rapid Miner models. Well it is really ver...

    3556 days ago

  • Integration

    ...to see the data in the experts/files/subfolder depending on the frame. That means that you are OK with that stage. The second thing is to use Rapid Miner. Here is the Read CSV that is...

    3564 days ago

  • Alternative way of optimization

    ...apologize some of the readers who are not familiar with experts and Rapid Miner would not grasp the idea. I w...those data. And then comes the interesting thing. I may try to use Rapid Miner to analyse those data. For e...

    3565 days ago

  • MT4 integration with Rapid Miner

    ...e times ago to link in a loose way MT4 with Rapid Miner. In fact I will look in my ar...d to use the retrieve  CSV function in Rapid Miner to read this file which would...ted.  The next idea was not to use by Rapid Miner only High/Open/Low/Close/Volu...

    3566 days ago