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  • A Fuzzy Logic Based Trading System

    ABSTRACT: Technical analysis is sometimes used in financial markets to assist trader...selling decisions.   The success of technical analysis depends on how one...ng model that combines fuzzy logic and technical analysis to find patterns and trends in...

    2879 days ago

  • From magical thinking through Classical Statistics

    If you look a this article you can find interesting similarities between the technical analysis and the magical thinking.

    2930 days ago

  • Is Bitcoin a game changer?

    ...nned this on this forum, this may have been one of the best speculations in your life. Anyway from technical perspective this market is much more prone to analysis by the methods of technical analysis than the traditional markets...

    2948 days ago

  • Sam Seiden trading articles

    Here you can find links to trading articles by Sam Seiden fron online trading academy. Here on beathespread I recommend two schools of technical analysis. Sam Seiden and Joe Ross. While&nb...

    3030 days ago

  • Katy Lien Eur/Usd analysis video

    ...osts most of them discretionary analysis. And hey I was right most of t...p; What Katy does is classical analysis. The classical analysis has tw...sis specialist. b. She makes a technical analyis and we are clearly i...ous. And last but not least the technical analysis is giving the risk control fo...

    3062 days ago

  • The Correct Trend

    beathespread.com is almost entirely dedicated to the technical analysis and the quantitative trading strategies deriving directly from the technical analysis. However there are other way...

    3118 days ago

  • The Law of the charts

    ...ix things). I know a lot of conceptions about the price action and technical analysis in general but one of them me...to show how the entropy and the fractal dimension can add a deeper analysis of the price action. On fore...

    3035 days ago

  • Kathy Lien & Boris Schlossberg site

    ...is interesting site for actual fundamental analysis. As it is impossible to read e...well. I am not too much interested in their technical analysis. I do my own. But it is impos...s just me :) ) to make your own fundamental analysis. You can follow them on twit...

    3496 days ago